Duo de Salzburg with Yvonne Timoianu Cellist and Alexander Preda piano


Yvonne Timoianu, Violoncello and Alexander Preda, Piano

'Music fills the Infinite between two souls'   (Rabindranath Tagore)



„The piano keyboard is the solar fortress of diatonic thinking“   (Arthur Rubinstein)

Alexander Preda received his Diploma „cum laudae“ from the National Music University in Bucharest.

His most influential teachers were

  • Ana Pitis,
  • Carlo Zecchi,
  • Arthur Rubinstein.

He was awarded, among others, the „Dinu Lipatti“ Prize of the Music Academy in Bucharest.

In addition to that, he was prize-winner of the International J.S.Bach Competition in 1976 in Leipzig and the International Piano Master Competition „Arthur Rubinstein“ in Tel Aviv, 1977.

Alexander has established a lively career as a solo concert pianist as well as a chamber music performer.

Concerts worldwide and masterclasses or workshops in most European countries, East Asia, the Americas and the Orient reflect an intense and devoted artistic activity.

Alexander Preda started his musical education at the age of five. Since there was a small piano in the house, on which Alexander's mother used to play a little bit, the young boy would try to reproduce the tunes that he heard when nobody was around.

After some time, a friend of the family who happened to be a distinguished music professor at the Academy, heard young Alexander playing and enthusiastically said:
"Piano! This is what Alexander should study from now on!"

Thus, in subsequent years, Alexander spent most of his time practising the piano, learning and reading universal history, geography, philosophy, physics, literature and cultural history.

He "respected" mathematics or astronomy, without prefering them. He used to write, as a teenager, stories about pirates and exotic countries, and later on, aesthetics or philosophy essays for his own pleasure, never intending to publish them.

Alexander's most beloved composers of that time were Brahms, Beethoven, Wagner, Scriabin.

Together with Yvonne Timoianu, Alexander Preda formed the much acclaimed „Duo de Salzburg“ - denomination that was first time officially accorded in 1988 by the President of the Salzburger Land.

The permanent dedicated interest for contemporary music brought Alexander and Yvonne a number of works written for and first auditioned by them, most recent one, „Petit Mausolée for George Enescu“ by the famous Henri Pousseur being the last piece for cello and piano that the Belgian maestro wrote and also personally witnessed in 2007.

The international press wrote about Alexander Preda:

  • "Outstanding Recital of Austrian Music Alexander Preda.... disciplined the seething passions of the Berg Sonata in a masterly performance" (The Sunday News)

  • "Il joue le plus naturellement du monde. Nous avons entendu chanter un jeune homme, le plus souvent avec un plaisir vive et sans apret qui entraine vivement l'adhésion" (La libre Belgique, Bruxelles)

  • "Preda is intent, alert playing at all times, and with a technical mastery second to none... The Fantasy of Schumann became as a putty in Preda masterful hands" (The Windhoek Advertiser)

  • "Un coloso por musicalidad y técnica... un dominio del piano como pocas veces hemos podido admirar" (Diario de Tarragona)


Duo de Salzburg with Yvonne Timoianu Concert Cellist and Alexander Preda Piano from Salzburg build a world-wide known music-partnership. Over 1.000 performances in Europe, Asia, the Americas and South-Africa. 
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